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                          Đối tượng
                          Gia súc, Gia cầm, thủy cầm

                          Loại thuốc
                          Thức ăn bổ sung, điện giải

                          Công dụng chính
                          Analgesics, antipyretics, decreases spasm
                          Thành phần
                          • Anagin 25 g
                          • Vitamin C 5 g
                          • Dung môi đặc biệt vđ 100 ml
                          Thông tin chi tiết
                          * Effective drug to analgesics, antipyretics and increases resistance to diseases in cattle, buffalo, pig, goat, sheep, dog, cat
                          * Combine with antibiotics for treatment of infectious diseases or animal with indication of severe fever; refuse to eat with unknown source of diseases
                          * Decreases spasm, peristaltic of intestine, distensible stomach, dyspepsia
                          * All cases of Arthritis
                          DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION
                          By intramuscular and slow intravenous injection
                          -       Pig, goat, sheep  :1ml per 5-10kg Bw
                          -       Cattle, horse        : 1ml per 8-10kg Bw
                          -       Dog, cat               : 1ml per 3-5kg Bw
                          Store in dry, cool place, under 300C.
                          WITHDRAWAL TIMES: 15-20 days
                          Reg no. TW5-61
                          For Veterinary Use Only
                          Quy cách
                          • 20 ml
                          • 100 ml
                          • 250 ml

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