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Fivevet goes ahead with Vaccines

Ngày đăng: 01/12/2017

                As a leading enterprise in the field of producing and trading of Veterinary medicine, Aquatic veterinary medicine and biological products, Fivevet always determines "Quality creates brand” as the fixed developing goal of the company. With the motto of constant renovating, improving the quality of products, the company has affirmed the brand not only in the domestic but also in the international market.
               Continue promoting the development of the company with big the trend of international integration in the field of production of vaccines and high-tech biological products, the Fivevet has built Vaccines plant which was approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Department of Animal Health under Decision No. 30/17 / GCN-GMP dated November 14th. The company has achieved the standards of "Good Manufacturing Practice", "Good Laboratory Practice" and " Good Storage Practices " as recommended by the World Health Organization (GMP-WHO, GLP, GSP) for  viral vaccines on egg’s embryos; viral vaccine on the cell  production lines.


               This is an important milestone which confirming the company’s position in the field of producing vaccines for the prevention of diseases in cattle and poultry. It also contributes to the general development of the livestock breeding and veterinary services, helps reducing the dependence on vaccines from abroad.
               Currently, the company has studied many vaccines for cattle and poultry such as: PRRS vaccine; avian influenza vaccines; cholera and hepatitis vaccines for duck; Lasota vaccines, Newcastle vaccine generation I, Gumboro vaccines, IB vaccines, ILT vaccines, ND-IB vaccines, etc. Expected in 2018 the company will officially launch vaccines to market.
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