TW5 - Men BHO_vn

                    Đối tượng
                    Gia súc, Gia cầm, thủy cầm

                    Loại thuốc
                    Chế phẩm sinh học, men, enzym, Thức ăn bổ sung, điện giải

                    Công dụng chính
                    High quality feed supplement including enzymes, useful micro-ogranisms, minerals, microelements for health improvement, fast weight gain
                    Thành phần
                    • Bacilus Subtilis (min) 120000 CFU
                    • Vitamin B1 (min) 600 mg
                    • Sorbitol (min) 10 g
                    • L-Lysine 2500 mg
                    • D, L - Methionine (min) 5000 mg
                    • Kẽm gluconate 12 g
                    • Tá dược đặc biệt vừa đủ 1 kg
                    Thông tin chi tiết
                    INDICATIONS: Specific for
                    * Prevention of diarrhea, white scours in piglets caused by E.Coli and Salmonella.
                    * Enhancement of digestion, nutrient absorption, appetite stimulation, fast growth, increasing fertility.
                    * Prevention of dyspepsia, abnormal stool caused by source of water and feed.
                    * Prevention of digestive disorders, recovering useful microorganism and digestive function during infectious treatment with antibiotics.
                    * Against stress after weaning, vaccination, weather changes (too hot, too cold), rehousing, movement, feed changes.
                    General dose: 100g in 12-20kg feed. Duration: during breeding period.
                    * Buffalo: 100g in 20kg feed
                    * Other cattle: 100g in 15kg feed
                    * Poultry: 100g in 12kg feed.
                    Store in dry, cool place, under 300C.
                    WITHDRAWAL TIMES
                    0 days.
                    Reg no. 12:2012/TW5
                    For veterinary use only
                    Quy cách
                    • 100 g
                    • 500 g
                    • 1 kg

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