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              Loại thuốc
              Kháng sinh, Dung dịch tiêm

              Công dụng chính
              Specific for pneumonia, EP, CRD, leptospirosis, severe diarrhea, secondary infections of PRRS
              Thành phần
              • Oxytetracilin 20 g
              • Dung môi đặc biệt vđ 100 ml
              Thông tin chi tiết
              * Cattle: Specific for:
              -          Enzootic pneumonia, Pneumonia, Pleuropneumonia, Pasteurellosis, Atrophic rhinitis.
              -          Severe fever, Red rash, Arthritis, Staphylococcosis, Streptococcosis
              -          Secondary infections of PRRS
              -          Infectious diseases: Leptospirosis, Anthrax, Erysipelas, Food-root and mouth, Arthritis, Anaplasmosis
              -          Severe diarrhea in calves, diarrhea caused by E.Coli and Salmonella, Necrotic enteritis.
              -          Mastitis- Metritis-Agalactia complex (MMA), Navel ill newborn of calves, Brucellosis, dead fetus, Vaginitis
              * Poultry: Specific for CRD, CCRD, CRD combined with E.Coli, infectious Coryza
              For intramuscular injection (IM) or subcutaneous injection (SC), repeat after 48 hours.
              -          Poultry: 1ml/4kg Bw
              -          Cattle: IM-1ml/10kg Bw
              Store in dry, cool place, under 300C.
              WITHDRAWAL TIMES: 14 days
              Reg no. TW5-103
              For Veterinary Use Only
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