Hado-Bromhexin Injec_vn

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              Gia súc

              Loại thuốc
              Kháng sinh, Dung dịch tiêm

              Công dụng chính
              Specific for expectorant, pneumonia, reducing cough, supporting the treatment of bacterial infections
              Thành phần
              • Bromhexine HCL 27.3 mg
              • Dung môi đặc biệt vđ 100 ml
              Thông tin chi tiết
              - Dissolve mucus fast, specific for expectorant, reducing cough, pulmonary rehabilitation,
              - Use Hado-Bromhexin injec with antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. Bromhexine helps to improve antibiotic absorption, efficiency, effectiveness of treatment of respiratory diseases such as:
              + Pneumonia, Bronchopneumonia, Pleuro-pneumonia, Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Enzootic Pneumonia, Pasteurellosis, secondary infections of PRRS in pig and cattle.
              + CRD, CCRD, Newcastle, fowl cholera, Coryza, Histomonas.
              By intramuscular injection. Duration: 3-5 consecutive days.
              General dose: 0.5-1ml/kg Bw/day
              WITHDRAWAL TIMES
              10 days
              STORAGE: store in dry, cool place, under 300C.
              Reg no. TW5-127
              For veterinary use only
              Quy cách
              • 20 ml
              • 50 ml
              • 100 ml
              • 250 ml

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