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                Gia súc, Gia cầm, thủy cầm

                Loại thuốc
                Kháng sinh

                Công dụng chính
                Specific for chronic respiratory diseases, severe diarrhea, secondary infections of PRRS
                Thành phần
                • Flofenicol 4 g
                • Tá dược đặc biệt vừa đủ 100 g
                Thông tin chi tiết
                * Poultry, bird: Highly effective for CRD, Fowl Cholera, respiratory tract infections, severe diarrhea caused by Salmonella and E.coli.
                * Cattle, pig: Specific for Enzootic Pneumonia, Pasteurellosis, Pneumonia, Dysentery, Salmonellosis, S.paratyphoid, secondary infections of PRRS.
                Administration via drinking water or feed. Duration: 3- 5 consecutive days, 7 consecutive days for secondary infections of PRRS
                * Poultry, bird:
                - Treatment: 2-3g in 1kg feed
                * Cattle, pig:
                - Treatment: 2g in 1kg feed
                * Prevention: half dose of treatment.
                Caution: Do not use for milking cows
                Store in dry, cool place, under 300C.
                WITHDRAWAL TIMES: 12-14 days
                Reg no. TW5-130
                For Veterinary Use Only
                Quy cách
                • 100 g
                • 500 g
                • 1 kg

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