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                Đối tượng
                Gia súc, Gia cầm, thủy cầm

                Loại thuốc
                Thức ăn bổ sung, điện giải, Trộn thức ăn

                Công dụng chính
                Feed supplement with vitamins mixture and trace elements for poultry and cattle
                Thành phần
                • Vitamin A 3500000 UI
                • Vitamin D 1700000 UI
                • Vitamin E 3500 mg
                • Sorbitol Sodium 20 g
                • Vitamin B1 3500 mg
                • Kẽm gluconate 40 g
                • Vitamin PP 30 g
                • Lactose vừa đủ 1 kg
                Thông tin chi tiết
                ·         For supplementation of Vitamins and trace elements.
                ·         For improving body weight gain, fertility, body resistance against infections.
                ·         For detoxification, prevention of paresis, stunt and malnutrition.
                ·         Use Five-Mix after using antibiotics, vaccine, anti-coccidiosis medicines to prevent anti-fatigue, anti-metabolic disorders and intestinal microbial balance.
                Administration via drinking water or feed.
                Duration: 3-5 consecutive days.
                * Poultry, bird: 0.5 g in 1 L water or 30kg feed/400-450kg Bw/day.
                * Cattle, horse: 100g in 30-50L water or 20kg feed/500-600kg Bw/day
                WITHDRAWAL TIMES: 0 days
                STORAGE: Store in dry, cool place, under 300C.
                Reg no: 15:2012/TW5
                For Veterinary Use Only
                Quy cách
                • 100 g
                • 500 g
                • 1 kg

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