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                Đối tượng
                Gia súc, Gia cầm, thủy cầm

                Loại thuốc
                Thức ăn bổ sung, điện giải

                Công dụng chính
                For reducing fever, relief of pain and inflammation, resistance enhancement, electrolyte balance, anti-stress, support the treatment of PRRS
                Thành phần
                • Tolfenamic Acid 3.5 g
                • Dung môi đặc biệt vđ 100 g
                Thông tin chi tiết
                INDICATIONS: Specific for
                * Supplementation of glucose, trace elements, vitamins essential for metabolism of the body.
                * Energy boost, enhancement of body resistance, vascular resistance, electrolyte balance, detoxification, improvement of immune system, anti-stress, antipyretic, relief of pain.
                * Quick recovery after sickness, postpartum period, over-working.
                * Highly effective when combined with antibiotics for the treatment of infections, severe fever, loss of appetite, dehydration, bleeding, typhus, secondary infections of PRRS, pneumonia, pasteurellosis, mastitis, infectious bursal disease, coccidiosis.
                By intramuscular injection or oral administration.
                Duration: 3-5 days.
                *Pig, cattle: 1ml/20kg BW/day.
                *Goat, sheet, dog: 1ml/7-10kg BW/day.
                *Poultry: 1ml/5-7kg BW/day via oral administration.
                WITHDRAWAL TIMES: 0 days
                STORAGE: Store in dry, cool place, under 30oC
                Reg no. TW5-119
                For veterinary use only
                Quy cách
                • 20 ml
                • 100 ml
                • 250 ml

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