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                Công dụng chính
                Specific for housing disinfection
                Thành phần
                • Glutaraldehyde 15 %
                • Benzalkonium chloride 10 %
                • Dung môi đặc biệt vđ 1 lit
                Thông tin chi tiết
                * Broad-spectrum bactericidal, highly effective to S.Paratyphoid, Pasteurellosis, Fowl Cholera, anthrax, Leptospirosis, Mycoplasma, Fungal diseases, virus such as H5N1, H7N9, H1N1, Gumboro, Marek, Newcastle, fowl pox, Cholera, CRD, Typhoid, Pullorum Disease, foot and mouth disease, PRRS, TGE, PED, Parvovirus…
                * Disinfection of housing, tools, transportation, animal cadaver.
                * Noncorrosive, without irritation, safe for all kinds of livestock.
                * Fast-acting, good control of pathogens, highly effective even in environment with organic contaminants and low temperature.
                ADMINISTRATION AND DOSAGE: by spraying
                * Housing disinfection: Spray the whole housing
                - Prevention: 1L/400-500L water. Repeat spray after 5-7 days
                - When diseases occur: 1L/250-300L water. Spray once or twice per day. Duration: 3-5 consecutive days or until diseases end.
                * Disinfection of transportation, incubator: 1L/500L water. Spray the whole surface.
                * Disinfection of eggs: 1L/1,000L water. Spray the whole surface.
                * Water disinfection: 1L/2,000L water.
                * Antidote of animal cadavers, feces, antiseptic holes: 1L/140-150L water. Spray the whole areas.
                * Spraying can be applied when having animals inside.
                * Keep out of reach of children
                STORAGE: store in cool, dry place under 300C
                For veterinary use only
                Quy cách
                • 100 ml
                • 500 ml
                • 1 lit
                • 5 lit

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