Fivevet attended Indo Livestock 2016 Expo & Forum!

Đăng lúc 15/08/2016

Reaching out for the world is strategic objective of Fivevet in period 2015-2020. With desire to promote the introduction and marketing products’ trademark of Fivevet to countries in the region and around the World, Fivevet attended Indo Livestock 2016 Expo & Forum from July 27-29, 2016 in Jakarta Convention Center- the biggest exhibition in the field of veterinary and husbandry in Southeast Asia. In this occasion, Fivevet introduced more than 100 veterinary products with different packing sizes to partners in the region as well as breeders in Indonesian market. 

Image: the company booth

Image: Partners from Indonesia and Malaysia

There are more than 200 enterprises doing business in the field of veterinary and husbandry joined this exhibition and during three days of the exhibition, there are approximately 16.000 visitors. Fivevet’s booth also attracted various interest visitors from in and outside the region. Especially, there are many partners and big farm owners from many countries visiting our booth and asking for more information about our company and how to be our distributor. After this exhibition, we had six memorandums about visit our factory in Vietnam to survey our production capacity and three potential contracts signed.

Image: visitors to our booth.

Image: Philippines partners 

It was a successful exhibition and we improved our reputation in the region as well as other countries in the world, which contributed to the overall success of Indo Livestock 2016 Expo Exhibition & Forum.

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